My Newest Business Venture // Business no.3

Okay, here we go.

So I hadn't known exactly how I wanted to dive into this, but I figured, as I always say, lets just get messy, throw it out there and then make changes (as necessary) along the road. So as I am sure you know by now, we are talking about my THIRD business! 

(If you don't know already I run my marketing + coaching agency where we help business owners to round out their marketing suite and truly be effective in their branding efforts, and run a real estate firm.)

So this next adventure, is a bit out of my standard build-a-business realm, but relates to that none the less. I am NOW a market partner for not just a, but THE leading luxury hair care company in the US right now. 

And now a few objections that I had, 

  • #1 TIME: I have a LOT going on, between running multiple companies, coaching numerous others how to do the same, working out, two kids (fur kids, but babies nonetheless) and a relationship, I definitely wasn't drowning in extra hours in the day (more on how I spend my time + successfully run multiple ventures in another post)
  • #2 The business model, it was not something I had EVER in a million years thought that I would do, but I'll explain why this appealed to me. (Yes, I'm talking about network marketing)
  • #3 COMMITMENT -- similar to my time objection, but was I going to be able to dedicate enough of myself to this in order to really take it where I wanted to?

Now let me bust a few of this objections for you right off the bat. 


Time //

As I said, I plan to do a whole separate post (maybe even series?) around how I make time to be successful in the different avenues of my life. But to simplify it completely, my number one secret is Organization + Optimization. 

I knew that if I took the time initially to organize my thoughts, map out a game plan and then put it into action that I could be successful at this new venture as well. 

I also knew, that if I put the proper people in place (shoutout to my VA's) that the things I couldn't spend time on, would be taken care of! 

The BIZ //

[P.S. -- I use MLM and Network Marketing interchangeably here, though they are different, as I will touch on as well]

I used to turn my nose up to the idea of MLM and network marketing. I've been approached to join them many, many times and never felt as though I aligned with the business model.

Half because I felt that being successful in MLM meant you had to literally sell your soul to the devil, poach all of your friends and family, and annoy everyone on planet earth. The other half of me believed that typically at the root, the people who created MLM empires did some shady sh** to get there (some definitely have, but others not so much).

But alas, I have neither sold my soul or been put into any shady situations. In fact, quite the opposite. 

So now, more on the company//

Not only do we have THE most incredible products, but the opportunity to grow and make some serious side $$$ is unbelievable. 

First the products //

I could go on for hours (actually, days) about how truly amazing these products are. I am planning to make an #IGTV episode about the benefits in July -- so keep your lil eyes peeled. But to summarize, they are a vegan (!!) hair care company, with the absolute most pure, wholesome and natural ingredients, and the changes it makes to your hair, is something you can see (+feel) in ONE wash. Yes, one wash.

The KEY to these products is the company is chemistry based, so everything is comprised of different 'systems' designed for different hair types, textures, colors and goals in order to help you achieve them. 

It is CRUCIAL that you know what sort of system you need for you hair, which is why our company has designed this awesome + easy hair-quiz, for you!  

If you have specific Q's about the actual products please don't hesitate to reach out and ask, I promise I wont jump down your throat trying to sell you anything lol, but I am very passionate about helping other people REVIVE their hair! 

But for the sake of making this post only that of a short-novel, not a whole damn Harry Potter series, I will leave it at that. 

NOW -- the actual business//

 But I am a big believer that when the right opportunities present themselves, you HAVE to act quickly, and figure out TIME as you go. What I really love about what I do with this company is, it hardly takes any more time than I previously spent on social media, its just being more strategic about it now. I literally work a few hours from my phone daily and its making a big impact on my life + income already! 

I was at one point really nervous to tell everyone about it... until I saw my checks roll in. You get paid so extremely well on this comp plan, and it is really easy to make your money! 

In fact, for a limited time only, I am insuring your start-up fee's! 

Yes, you heard me right (and yes, I used the right word)

So, it is $299 to get your intro package, and honestly.. when I got my box of like 800 products, I was sort of blown away that it was ONLY $299, you also get websites, backend info, trainings, etc. But that gives you your license to sell, and about 1,000,000 samples to share w/ your peeps! 

If you follow my help, and trainings, and can't make AT LEAST your money back ($299) in your first 30-days, I will send you a 100% refund. And this is NOT something that anyone else in the company does, this is purely money that would come right out of my pocket. I am doing this because I am so, so, so sure that I can show you exactly what you need to know to do this, and turn your income into something exciting. 

My direct mentor and upline, makes over $50,000 MONTHLY, and drives a fully paid for escalade, and travels the world, and is just amazing (ily jackie)!

You can do it too, if you want! Or, you can watch me as I do it 😉


So there it is , thats all for now, I will be talking about this more in the months and weeks to come (especially when I am scootin' around in my free car, lol) but I just wanted to announce it to all of my lovely readers out there, and reinforce what I am always talking about. 

So on that note, I am going to leave you with this.

Stop caring what others think, STOP letting small, weak-minded individuals stand in the way of what you want, and what you deserve. 

Anything is possible, you would be BLOWN away by how much your life can change In just 30 days - start now, start today, and make the life you desire! 

But for reals... I wanna hear from you! What do you think of network marketing? Have you had an experience before? Or are you curious about the whole thing?

Let me know on Instagram!