25 Ways to Get New Clients (TODAY) Using Social Media


1. Search for potential clients who are in need of your services by using the search bar. You would be surprised how detailed you can get using these searches! 

- Tip: Start by making a list of keywords that correlate with your ideal clients, for instance, if you are an online fitness coach... try 'losing weight, trying keto, first day keto, workout time, hitting the gym, need to lose weight, baby weight, etc.) then go to town! I would recommend having a valuable asset that you can offer people! When you find someone who mentioned one of your keywords, start a conversation, then offer something of value! 

2. Reach out to three new potential clients every week and start building a relationship with them. BE SOCIAL! 

3. Reach out to three of your competitors every week, tell them why you admire something they're doing and start a real friendship. Start to build a business alliance and see if you can help + learn from others!

4. When you've formed real connections with people, send them an email + ask them if they'd be open to hopping on Zoom.us call for an e-coffee date with you! Again... offer V A L U E!

5. Build a Local Business Alliance - you can generate lists on twitter to stay active with what your alliance is posting. These people should be people that sell to your same idea clients but in a different way, find out what an Ideal referral looks like for them and exchange business referrals!

6. You can use Twitter to not only get clients, but keep them. When you and your clients have finished working together, or while you are working (+ seeing results) tweet about their content every now and then and share it with your followers... A little lovin' goes a long way!

7. Don't ignore people who share your work and ask you questions. Always respond as best you can!

 Twitter is all about interaction (much like all Social Media)! Acknowledge people. Love on them. Show them you appreciate them. You'll be surprised how many of your clients start out as followers, turn into fans, and hire you later down the line because they know, like and trust you. This is one of the beautiful things about social media, you can not only tell people your story but show them! 


8. Join Facebook groups filled with your potential clients!  And here's the trick: You want group members to remember you as the go-to expert of your niche, and they're not going to if you rarely show up. Make a commitment to help and/or interact with three people a day, it will take a matter of 15-20 minutes + you will build a loyal tribe like no other! 

9. Join Facebook groups filled with your competitors as well. It's all about community over competition!

Your competitors need to refer work to others sometimes, and they're not going to refer it to you if they don't know you.

(Plus: it's nice to talk to others who understand the business you run and go through the same struggles + upsets.)

10. Provide plenty of free advice. (Yes, FO FREE)

Don't horde your expertise! Give, Give, Give before you ever expect anything in return! Sharing what you know in Facebook groups and on your facebook page will position you as an expert and make you to no.1 go-to whenever anyone needs to hire someone for your services! 

11. Go above and beyond to help people. Don't just answer someone's question in a Facebook group. Direct message them, Skype them and start a deeper conversation! Again, this is playing the long game, but is an incredible way to grow a loyal tribe that will buy from you for years to come! 

12. Start your own Facebook group!  Facebook groups are often filled with potential clients and customers who can't wait to buy from you or work with you, plus its a great feeding ground 

13. Start a Facebook ad campaign.

Think Facebook ads are just for product-sellers? Think again my friend. You can advertise your services and, more importantly, the benefits of your services! And here's the beautiful thing: a lot of facebook and instagram ad space is still very untapped! Do this right + you will be lightyears ahead of the competition!

 If you can crack this method of marketing, you'll be able to tap into a goldmine of clients that your competitors have not.


14. Join group boards and pin your blog graphics. Make sure all your pins lead to a blog post that shows you know your stuff and links to your services page!

15. Grow your following. Obviously, the bigger your following gets the more potential clients are in there! Growth on Pinterest is not hard to do, especially if you are executing in the right ways (more on that later)! 

16. Be laser-clear in your Pinterest bio about what you do and who you work with.

Don't link to your standard URL (www.yourdomain.com), link to your services page OR a great landing page offering something of value! 

17. Try promoted pins. They're only available to US businesses right now but they're a great way to get your pins in front of more people, and therefore get more people to your website! 

• Live Video Streaming - Youtube, Facebook, Instagram

18. Live stream with your clients, show results or in progress. Live case studies show potential clients how much your clients adore you, and how awesome you'd be to work with!

19. Do Q&A live streams with your audience so they can get their personal questions answered before hiring you.

20. Share trackable URL's in your live broadcasts. (You can do this by using a Bit.ly link or Snip.ly and using the bitly dashboard to track how many people are coming to your site from your live broadcasts!)

21. Stream every day or every week about the thing you want to be known for. This is a great way to position yourself as an expert! If you stream about it often enough, you'll start getting a reputation for being the go-to person in your niche!

Tip: Don't get caught up feeling like you aren't getting enough eyes on your live streams. It takes time to gain a little bit of traction but once it does, your viewers will begin to crave these streams, thus craving YOU! I can't tell you how often I have a piece of content that gets Z E R O attention (in my eyes) and then a few month or even years down the road I get someone DM-ing me that it changed their life or helped them in a big way. Don't worry about how it looks just get it out there!

22. Experiment w/ a #30DayChallenge! I love doing these when I want to boost my following or engagement. Go live every single day for 30 Days + you'll be mind-blown by the attraction it brings! 

Bonus: You can also download these LIVE videos and repurpose them! Edit them (or don't) and throw it up on IGTV, Youtube or within a blog post! Recycled content is so powerful! 


23. Scope out your ideal clients! This is so fun (is that weird?) but really, you can search for people that work in specific industries, search by position, search by business etc. 

24. Connect w/ people. You're probably thinking "duh" but I don't just mean clicking the 'connect' button. I mean really truly connect with them! If they are local, offer to take them to coffee and chat. If not, do another e-coffee or see about ways to just converse and get conversation going! 

25.  Write Articles on LinkedIn! It's inter-site blogging! This is a great resource even if you don't have a blog on your website, use this instead. The opportunity for your useful articles to go viral is huge, and you are already right in front of the eyes of who you want to be seen by. 

Hope these help! Lock down that new biz, peeps!